These are memories that I shall never forget, of special times, of beloved friends and family and of unique and beautiful places. Memories woven into heartfelt mele by kumu who have stood by my side and encouraged me to use my God-given talent, guided me with their wisdom and compassion and continue to inspire my life. I thank Loea Kawaikapuokalani Hewett and Kumu Hula Keala Ching. May their words forever touch your heart as they have touched mine! Listen and be enchanted, as they have been a great part of this CD project.
Pili Mau I Ka Poli Memorable Relationships
By Rolinda Bean, featuring ʻAlula
'Auhea Ka Maluhia

This is Kumu's most recent CD and it features many of our favorite chants including: Ho Mai Ka ʻIke, Haliʻa Ka Mihi, Kau Mai Ka Lā and many others. 
Laka - Inspiration For Hula
Hula and Chants by Kumu Keala Ching

In the summer of 2008, Kumu Keala led a field trip through the Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden, located on Hawaii Island in rural South Kona, showing us the plants that are noted in "The Unwritten Literature of Hawaii" by Nathaniel B. Emerson. Kumu pointed out individual plants that had specific meaning to traditional hula practitioners and he talked about the growing habits of the plants as well as how they were put to practical use. We learned about respect for the forest and about our connection to the land through understanding plants. In addition to discussing the plants,  Kumu Keala explained the concept of  Laka as the spirit and inspiration of hula. He showed how the properties of various plants can be seen in the movements, the rhythms, and the chants of traditional hula.  
Laka: An Inspiration For Hula contains original compositions of chants and dances witten by Kumu Keala honoring the hula Goddess Laka. He also shares his knowledge of hula traditions and how the kino lau of laka is an integral part of hula; dancers hope to be as graceful as the bamboo, as delicate as the lehua, as steadfast as the koa tree, and wish to emulate the sound of the rustling pili grass. 

This book is dedicated to Kumu Hula John Kaʻimikaua (1958 - 2006), who was a guiding force for the perpetuation of hula protocol on the Island of Molokai, the birthplace of hula. We dedicate these chants for Laka to the memory of Kumu John in recognition of his commitment to education about the traditions and spirit of hula.
Nā Wai Iwi Ola
The ancient waters of life
Lighting the Path
Chants and Songs to Perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture
By Kumu Keala Ching

Kumu Keala Ching has a passion for sharing Native Hawaiian wisdom with all who desire to learn. His chants are composed with concepts that are both ancient and current. And like the Hawaiian language itself, they have many layers. They may be read as literature, and they may also be vocalized and performed by the students in his oli or chanting classes. They may help the readers learn Hawaiian language as they sit with the Hawaiian dictionary by their side. The translation in English is helpful, too. The reader who seeks to know the Hawaiian traditions will find these chants filled with love for the ʻāina (land) and nature, as well as concepts such as aloha, hoʻoponopono (forgiveness), humility, and righteousness that are foundations of all harmonious human existence.

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